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Prayer Beads

It was suggested that we discuss prayer beads here, and I concur. Many of us probably associate prayer beads with Catholicism, but they're actually used in many religions. Anyone who prays can use prayer beads, and anyone can make them in their own way.

Do you use prayer beads? What are they like, how do you use them?

I have made a few, but I've yet to have real set prayers for any of them. I just like to know which bead is dedicated to what, and pray spontaneously to it. Once I compose prayers for each, I'll probably still do it the spontaneous way when I feel like it. The best thing about any of them though is having something to hold in my hands. My favorite one to carry with me encompasses the entire Norse pantheon, so my beliefs travel with me.

Prayer Without Belief

It's been said that prayer requires no belief, and I like this idea. Prayer itself is an expression of our innermost thoughts and fears, joys and sorrows. There's no necessity to have it all figured out, or to belief in deity at all, to pray with your whole heart. So for those of us who do believe in some form of deity, what would it be like to pray without belief?

For me, as a Pagan, I've found that worshiping nature is extremely valuable to me in ways I can't express. I like to sit down in the grass, among flowers and other plants, or in front of a tree, and simply worship and pray. It may be with or without words, or just with my body, as my body is my greatest connection to the earth. This act of prayer may go beyond normal rationality or convention, but it requires no belief.

If you didn't believe in a deity of some sort, would you still pray? What would it be like?

On a side note, if anyone uses prayer beads to help with prayer (which is a whole 'nother discussion unto itself,) I have created a community devoted to that subject. I hate to spam, but thought some here might like it. paganbeads I created it for Pagans, but anyone can join.

ways people pray


rengetsu asked "how do you pray"

I try to find stillness in the heart first... stillness and quiet, so hushed, you can almost feel the little tremblings and vibrations of nature... a kind of naked stillness, emptying my mind of its crowded thoughts... and... then I hope to meet with Godde.

I seek that earnest meeting, and shared awareness of a covenant of love between us, that meeting and knowing there is this thing between us... and hope to just meet Godde there in the quiet place, the still place inside my heart.

Of course, like anyone else, my heart's sometimes restless and won't settle down, because of worries and stuff.

But I seek stillness and meeting, really, and then see what follows.


a little prayer for today - 1

You are unchanging

And your love never alters

From everlasting to everlasting

You are beautiful and holy

Make my heart still, I pray

At the start of this day

Help me to know and trust your love

Fill my mind with your light

Thank you for this day

Please help me truly live it

Help me know you with me

Remind me of your calm presence

Show me your ways of life, I pray

Give me courage to walk in goodness

I am kept safe by your faithfulness

And your strong love to hold me


practical prayer for all faiths

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