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This is the Prayer I say Every Day

As the stones of the land are kin to my bones I hail the holiness of the land, and as the brine of the seas is kin to the blood in my veins I honor the power and wisdom of the sea, and as the air of the sky is kin to the breath in my lungs I venerate the sky’s divinity.

In the center of a home a warm fire burns. At the center of the world towers the mountain upon which the immortals dwell. The well reaches down into the deep earth and I behold its upward-welling waters.

With Words of praise I honor the four winds, the night and the day, the sun and the moon, and whatever god or goddess rules over this place. Let the shining immortals who are sovereign in the many worlds hear me today as I speak these lauds.

I honor the shining Sky Father. He is the greatest and best and the matchless king of the celestial spheres. The King of Heaven is attended by the eagles and his herds of horses as he drinks the nectar of immortality. I worship Father Sky.

I honor the White Cow Goddess who is a mother of goddesses and gods, men and women. I honor the stars, and the empress of starry heaven. I worship the Goddess of the Shining White Body.

I honor the Good Striker. Most mighty and fierce he wields his weapon. He is a great friend of humanity, a protector of the multiverse and slayer of serpents. I worship Earth’s great champion: the God who Leads the War Band.

I honor Mother Earth. We all come from her, and it is to her that we go when we die. Truly the soil and clay and stones that are her flesh are holy. I worship the Earth Mother.

I honor the Horse Boys who ride in divine and youthful nobility. They bless and protect our land, they bless and protect our animals. I honor them as they ride, I honor them as they race. I worship the Divine Twins.

I honor the Goddess of the Dawn who rules over the in-between time, between night and day. As songbirds chirp furiously her rose-colored divinity appears on the horizon. No matter the time of day or night, I face the holy East and worship the Goddess of the Day’s first light.

I honor the King of the Otherworld. In the halls of the ancestors a warm fire burns. Cups of drink and plates of food gladden the hearts of our departed kin, and the dead wait to be born again. Poets who have won their renown, warriors who have fallen, and those who have bettered the lot of mankind enjoy the warmth of the otherworld sun. I honor the King of the Summerlands.

I honor the Horse Goddess. I see the goddess; riding on her white mare, she is the goddess most beautiful in her golden brocade, she is pale-skinned and powerfully divine, and she hears the speech of her songbirds. I worship the Goddesses of Horses.

I honor the Horned Lord of the Beasts. He is warder of the lands and animals. He is the God who places gold coins in the farmer’s furrows. I honor the lord of flora and fauna, who is sovereign in the vast expanses and in-between places. I worship the Antlered King of the Wilderness.

I honor the Hearth Mother. She is my Goddess of the flame on my hearth, and it is to her that I come to pray. She is my goddess of house and home. I worship the Hearth Mother.

I honor the Warder of the Well. I hail a god of purity and strength who is the master of the well’s wisdom. I honor the Close Relative of the Waters.

I honor the River Goddess. She is the Goddess of the Waters, Lady of the Lake, and the Goddess of the upward welling water. I honor her as I wash my wounds in the hot springs. I worship Great Mother River.

Let the blessings of the deities flow down from the sky, from across the wide ocean, and up from the deep currents of the land! I pray for all of my kin; grant us all health, wealth, and fertility. Ward us against people and wights who would do us harm. Protect us from the unthinking masses and the violence of the elements. Bless and protect our children, lands and animals. Bless us with peace and increased wealth.

To my mothers and their mothers and fathers, and to my fathers and their mothers and fathers, to the line of my family going all the way back, ancestors of every creed, culture, and tribe, I say, be well in the halls of death. Be remembered you who have fared before!

With bones that are kin to the stones of the earth, with blood in my veins that is kin to the brine of the seas, with breath in my lungs that is kin to the air of the sky, I have prayed in the Pagan way, in the Old Way. I go forward today with virtue.


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May. 6th, 2009 05:39 am (UTC)
Lovely. :)
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